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A solid core of 40 employees in Montreal was the starting point for Caprion, a company that has become a world leader in the development of precision medicine. An innovative vision, successful acquisitions, and a supportive ecosystem have propelled the company onto the international stage. Now known as CellCarta, the laboratory services provider operates on 4 continents, but kept a special connection with its hometown.

The Caprion Story

Located in the heart of Montreal, Caprion Biosciences was founded at the turn of the millennium, driven by the ambition to advance precision medicine. The development and production of targeted drugs is a cornerstone of medical treatments, which must respond to the imperative of customized solutions to treat the greatest number of people.

With personalization and quality of care in mind, the research company co-founded by Martin Leblanc started its operations with a 40-employee laboratory and has been located in the heart of the city since 2010. By offering high-value solutions to its partners, the team is thinking big: becoming the largest provider of multiplex biomarkers solutions and precision medicine services.

Working hand-in-hand with its pharmaceutical and biotech partners, Caprion is rooted in its fundamental values of innovation, customer focus and quality.

Explosive Growth

In 2019, Caprion Biosciences and HistoGeneX merged, bringing together two strengths: Caprion’s specialization in immunology and proteomics and HistoGeneX’s specialization in histopathology and genomics services based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Two years later, there are over 900 employees with 12 facilities in 5 countries on 4 continents. The small Montreal laboratory has quickly become an international company. The range of services expanded to cover complex needs on a global scale.

Montreal has remained the core of the company, where its headquarters and a significant proportion of its employees are located. Its vital site in the heart of the North American markets and the wide array of skills found there make it a strategic location.

The vast majority of employees have a PhD or Master’s degree, while many have a Bachelor of Science degree, as Martin Leblanc proudly points out. An animated ecosystem and a team of first-class specialists are significant assets that guarantee a promising future for this company, which is growing healthy.

Corporate Name Change

On January 26, 2021, the rapidly growing business changed its name from Caprion-HistoGeneX to CellCarta. The expansion continues, with the company acquiring:

  • Mosaic Laboratories, a provider of preclinical and clinical trial services, working on the development and deployment of multiplex immunohistochemistry tests;
  • Clinical Logistics, a clinical group specializing in logistics and the supply of materials and kits for clinical trials;
  • Reveal Biosciences, a team leveraging artificial intelligence technologies to improve the accuracy of digital pathology images;
  • Biogazelle, a company specializing in genomic analysis solutions, dPCR, qPCR & RNAseq;
  • The commercial rights to the cutting-edge proprietary assays of Precision Assays, a leading company in next-general targeted proteomics solutions

As a result, the areas of expertise are broadening and deepening. In addition to expanding its immunology, histopathology, genomics and proteomics offering, CellCarta has added several new areas of expertise, including:

  • Data analysis with artificial intelligence;
  • Logistics and sample management.

With the expertise of its specialists, CellCarta is able to accompany its partners through each step of the development of new treatments in precision medicine.

By maintaining its head office in Montreal and employing a large number of employees locally, CellCarta is spreading Quebec’s know-how around the world for the benefit of scientific advances. The company operates globally with over 900 employees in its 12 facilities located in Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia and China. For more information: