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Quebec: The Most Thriving Life Sciences and Health Tech hub in North America


Quebec is the most thriving Life Sciences and Health Tech hub in Canada and one of the major innovation poles on the North American East Coast. Companies and investors will find everything they need to make their ambitious technologies and initiatives a success in one single place.

Main facts about Life Sciences in Quebec

  • More than 650 companies and 56,000 skilled workers in R&D, manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology.
  • Canadian headquarters of giants such as Pfizer, Sanofi, and Merck.
  • A large pool of talents with 50,000 university graduates per year, 8,000 from health-related programs.

Highly Skilled Talent

Quebec is only a few miles away from the major business markets in the world such as New York, Boston, and Toronto, but it offers much more competitive operating costs and an advantageous tax regime for companies and investors. The province counts on $1.6 billion in Venture Capital investments in the Life Sciences and Health Tech sector and has invested $7.4 billion in cutting-edge health infrastructures.


$1.6 billion
VC investments in the tech healthcare ecosystem

$7.4 Billion
Cutting-edge health infrastructure investments

Friendly-Living Environment


Multicultural and Diverse

Quebec is the largest province of Canada in area and the second in population with more than 8 million people. Montreal is Quebec’s major metropolis and brings together different cultures, languages, and expertise that converge into a harmonious and vibrant urban community.


Political and Economic Stability

Over time, Quebec’s leaders built a modern secular state that guarantees social, cultural, demographic, political, and economic stability and empowerment. Canada has the lowest average overall tax rate and the strongest economic growth of all G7 countries.
(FDI, 2019)


Rich Natural Resources

Constituting nearly one-sixth of Canada’s total land area, Quebec has a rich and preserved biodiversity making the province very agreeable to live in. In addition, Quebec’s abundant water parks supply 62 hydropower stations which result in an affordable and clean source of energy.

Accelerate Your Expansion

Quebec combines the highest qualified workforce in the country, talented R&D researchers, a cutting-edge infrastructure of labs and factories, easy access to global markets, and a dynamic and cooperative environment for companies and investors looking for growth opportunities in the Life Sciences and Health Tech sector. We bring industry leaders, community, and government partners together to offer the perfect ecosystem that will allow you to thrive on investing in Quebec.

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