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Why Canada?

Canada is a dynamic and prosperous business-friendly country in which to invest, innovate, grow or expand your business on the world stage. It offers investors a preferential global market access through an extended and growing list of trade agreements that represent the most ambitious trade expansion plan in Canadian history. The country’s strong focus on innovation and creativity encourages entrepreneurs and makes new entrants welcome. Canada’s creative and educated talent base and strategically leveraged natural resources sector add irresistible appeal for expanding international companies.


First in the G7

  • Fastest-growing economy;
  • For fewest days to establish a new business; 1
  • For lowest total effective taxes; 2
  • Most reputable among the G7 countries; 3
  • In terms of overall living conditions and quality of life; 4
  • Most highly educated workforce in the OECD where 56.3% of the adult population have attained postsecondary education. 5
1 : World Bank group, 2017, 2 : PWC, 2017, 3 : Reputation Institute’s Country Reptrak, 2018, 4 : OECD, 2017, 5 : OECD, 2017

Quebec is

  • A unique hub combining key expertise for the future: Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Technologies, and Digital Health;
  • A world leader in AI and Deep Learning;
  • A world-renowned scientific excellence hub;
  • A large pool of talents able to address the health industry’s future challenges and Montreal ranked best student city in the Americas;
  • A lucrative funding environment with $1.68B raised in VC by Quebec firms in 2019; 1
  • A fast-growing economy with a 2.8% boost in 2019;
  • North America’s top producer of hydroelectricity.
1 : Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA), 2019

The Coolest Life Sciences and Health Tech Hub

  • A critical mass of innovative companies accounting for over 56,000 jobs;
  • A unique interconnected, thriving, and collaborative ecosystem in connection with international business corridor with main hub in Life Sciences;
  • A lucrative funding environment with $1.68B raised in VC by Quebec firms in 2019; 1
  • A booming startup ecosystem with more than 30 business incubators and accelerators.
1 : Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA), 2019

The Coolest Talent Pool

  • A solid foundation built on a vast array of colleges and world-class universities;
  • The best student spot in the Americas comprising of highly creative, educated, and multilingual workforce with 10,000 graduate students per year in health-related programs;
  • An outstanding and affordable education system, achieving one of the highest enrollment and graduation rates in OECD countries;
  • A unique synergy between arts, design, high tech, and science.
Creative Spot

The Coolest Creative Spot

  • Ranked 1st clinical trials and Life Science R&D Centre, Quebec is the largest research hub in Canada with the most funded and largest pool of university researchers;
  • World-renowned scientific excellence with $10B invested in cutting-edge infrastructures and research facilities;
  • Undeniable strengths in many areas such as Oncology, Genomics, Precision medicine, Cellular therapy, Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases, Neuroscience and Mental health, Infectious, Rare diseases, and Aging;
  • A world-class Artificial Intelligence hub;
  • A dynamic of innovation where scientific genius and new ideas become reality;
  • Consortiums to accelerate the integration of innovations into the health system.

The Coolest Business Environment

  • Ranked 1st for operating costs compared to major North American metropolitan areas;
  • $1.68B invested in Life Sciences companies and specialized funds in Canada; 1
  • Privileged access to the world’s two biggest free-trade zones: the North American market, with close to 500 million consumers, and the European market, with over 500 million consumers;
  • Fiscal incentives to raise new investments, among which $890M to encourage innovation and commercialization;
  • Competitive tailor-made incentives with many refundable tax credits;
  • Low and stable energy costs.
1 : Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA), 2019

The Coolest Place to Live

  • An exceptional quality of life;
  • A unique linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • A cool spot where arts, business and finance, research, various communities of the world, and students come together;
  • A universal public health system.

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