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The Quebec medical technology industry has been working around the clock to ramp up production, develop new innovative solutions, and collaborate with our government and health system partners to fight the pandemic and help provide our healthcare heroes on the front-lines with the technologies and supplies they need to save lives. Discover some of the success stories that make us proud of being part of the worldwide MedTech community.

To counter COVID-19, Bodycad was able to deliver more than 250,000 face shields to various Quebec hospitals

It is through the restructuring of production, the support of the community, the participation of several partners (Voxel Factory, Panthera Dental and more), and employees dedicated to the cause that the company greatly surpassed its initial production goal. Bodycad completed an order for face shields for the CHU de Québec.

Being a medical company with 3D printing machine it made sense to pivot their production to be able to help their community. The company also partnered with Shapeshift3D to manufacture the first custom mask, the BeyondFit mask.

The BeyondFit Mask: A More Comfortable & Reusable Face Mask

The BeyondFit Mask is a direct response to the global pandemic crisis. Our team has worked tirelessly to design the most comfortable, safe, and environmentally-friendly respiratory mask for healthcare and frontline workers everywhere.

100% custom fitted, the BeyondFit mask is designed with a 3D printed shell, an advanced filter locking system, and an added silicone ring for maximum seal and comfort.

Bodycad, a company from Quebec City 

Bodycad enables orthopaedic surgeons to create a Personalized Restoration™ based on the anatomical specifications of their patient using the company’s proprietary Personalized Restoration™ software. Surgeons can quickly and efficiently step through the Bodycad Personalized Restoration Evaluation Process (PREP)™ to scan their patients and create a specific design plan, approve the design, and perform the restoration. The company is committed to providing high-touch education, training and service, including access to Bodycad PREP Techs to help assure surgical success. Bodycad is transforming the current standard of orthopaedic implants to help surgeons and patients achieve their mutual goal of a perfect Personalized Restoration™.