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The Quebec medical technology industry has been working around the clock to ramp up production, develop new innovative solutions, and collaborate with our government and health system partners to fight the pandemic and help provide our healthcare heroes on the front-lines with the technologies and supplies they need to save lives. Discover some of the success stories that make us proud of being part of the worldwide MedTech community.


A small machine developed in Quebec and manufactured in Laval by OxyNov has the ability to lighten the workload of nurses by automatically adjusting the patient’s oxygen level. The FreeO2 device is currently being tested during the pandemic in 6 hospitals in Quebec.

This machine can:

  • Reduce interventions
  • Save precious masks
  • Protect healthcare workers from COVID-19

First COVID-19 patient treated with FreeO2

Novemver 5, 2020, OxyNov announced the first COVID-19 patient treated with FreeO2.

OxygenTherapy is the first line respiratory in all patients hospitalized for COVID-19 during initial management, and there is a high risk of transmission to healthcare corkers.

To limit human-to-human transmission, any measure that can reduce the number of interventions during the management of patients should be implemented. Automated OxygenTherapy may help healthcare workers in delivering the most effective oxygen therapy possible while significantly reducing the number of intervention and thus risks of being contaminated.

Covid-19 : FreeO2 selected by Canadian Institutes of Health Research

March 16, 2020, OxyNov was delighted to announce that the Canadian Institutes of Health Research have selected Dr Lellouche‘s project to assess the potential benefits of Automated Oxygen Therapy with FreeO2 for healthcare staff in the context of COVID19 outbreak.  

OxyNov is proud to be able to support this project involving a dozen centers in Quebec and Ontario and to contribute to the advancement of medical practices in Oxygen Therapy.

The principle of the FreeO2 device

FreeO2 automatically and continuously adapts the oxygen flow rate delivered to the patient, taking into account the patient’s needs and dynamics, with the aim of respecting the target SpO2 defined by the clinician.

FreeO2 operates on a closed-loop principle. Supplied by an oxygen source, it continuously measures the oxygen saturation (SpO2) of the patient and adjusts  the O2 flow rate that is administered in a rapid and precise way until complete weaning.

Technological innovation born within the hospital and made by clinicians for clinicians

OxyNov is a young Canadian business focusing on clinical innovation and specialized in designing and commercializing innovative medical devices in the field of oxygen therapy and respiratory care.

OxyNov was founded in 2009 by two physician-researchers,  Professors Erwan L’Her (head of the Intensive Care Unit and INSERM researcher at the University Hospital of Brest) and François Lellouche (intensivist and researcher at the IUCPQ), further to a clinical research project having as an objective the development of a device automating the administration of oxygen therapy (FreeO2) and the improvement of the application of this treatment on the daily basis.