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The Quebec medical technology industry has been working around the clock to ramp up production, develop new innovative solutions, and collaborate with our government and health system partners to fight the pandemic and help provide our healthcare heroes on the front-lines with the technologies and supplies they need to save lives. Discover some of the success stories that make us proud of being part of the worldwide MedTech community.

Umano Medical introduces the RESC-U Bed™ to the North American market to respond to the increasing demand of hospital beds

Umano Medical, at L’Islet, Quebec company that manufactures specialized furniture for the health sector, received a large order for sophisticated multifunction electronic hospital beds, intended for several establishments in Quebec and elsewhere around the world. Within a month, the company had to increase its production rate by more than 50% compared to its usual production.

As the COVID-19 crisis rapidly evolves, Umano Medical is dedicated to do everything in its power to serve and support healthcare communities around the world.
In response to the current reality of pop-up hospitals being created to treat patients affected with the coronavirus, Umano Medical team has worked intensively to design the perfect solution: the RESC U Bed Logo Rainbow version finale R1, a flexible and portable bed for urgent patient care and recovery.

Umano Medical: a company from L’Islet, Quebec

Umano Medical is a Quebec manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience in the medical field. They focus on offering the latest technologies through their hospital bed line.

Umano Medical’s mission : Revolutionize customer experience and innovation standards in the medical field

As an innovative and agile partner developing and providing medical equipment, they are committed to achieving the industry’s 100% satisfaction, through:

  • Empathetic listening
  • A proactive service
  • Dedicated employees
  • High-performance products adapted to your actual needs