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Biotech City
Biotech, Business environment

The Biotech City is a Biotechnology and Life Sciences hub located in the Greater Montreal. It includes world renowned biopharmaceutical firms and research institutes and employs more than 5,000 individuals.

Jean-Marc Juteau, Ph.D.
+1 450 978-6888 ext. 5066

Investissement Quebec
Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Business environment, CRO/CMO, Digital Health, Investment, Manufacturing, Medtech, Partnering, Pharma, R&D

Investissement Québec is the go-to partner for international businesses thinking of locating to Québec. Its team of experts provides the full range of services needed to set up in Québec and make a venture a long-term success.

Roch Paquette
Specialized Advisor, Foreign Affairs
+1 438 469-4168

Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation (MEI)
Business environment, Investment, Partnering

The Ministry's mission is to support business growth, entrepreneurship, science, innovation, export trade, and investment. It also advises the Government with a view to favouring economic development in every region of Québec, in a perspective of job creation, economic prosperity, and sustainable development.

Vanessa Marsan
Team Manager,
Direction of Life Sciences and Foreign Investment
+1 514 499-2199

Montréal International
Business environment, Investment, Partnering

As Greater Montréal’s economic promotion agency, Montréal International (MI) has contributed to building Greater Montréal’s international reputation and prosperity by acting as a driving force for economic development. Its mandate is to attract direct foreign investment, international organizations, entrepreneurs, talented workers, and international students to the region.

Stéphanie Doyle
Director, Business Development,
Life Sciences & Health Technologies
- Foreign Investments
+1 514 987-9312

Montréal InVivo
Biotech, Business environment, CRO/CMO, Medtech

Montréal InVivo is the Greater Montréal's Life Sciences and Health Technology Cluster (LSHT), a non-profit organization for economic development. It aims to create a business environment that fosters innovation and development of public and private organizations in the LSHT sector.

Véronique Rochefort
Project Coordinator and Communications
+1 514 987-9387

Québec International
Artificial Intelligence, Business environment, Investment, Partnering

Québec International contributes to the economic development and international standing of the Québec City area. As a regional economic development agency, Québec International fosters business growth, supports key industry clusters, and attracts foreign talent and investment.

Carol Gilbert
Senior Director – Foreign Investment
+1 418 681-9700

Québec Vitae
Business environment, Partnering

Québec VITAE brings together the business, financial, and research players as well as public decision makers while striving for the development of the region Life Sciences and Health Technologies (LSHT) sector. This cluster contributes to the sector's and Québec's reach by attracting capital into the Québec City region, developing state-of-the-art structures, and ensuring the creation and growth of innovative and prosperous businesses.

Christophe Manhes
+1 418 681-9700

Sherbrooke Innopole
Artificial Intelligence, Business environment, CRO/CMO, Investment, Medtech, Partnering

Sherbrooke Innopole is Sherbrooke’s economic development organization. We bolster the implementation and growth of companies in five key sectors: Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, Cleantech, Information Technologies, and Micro-Nanotechnologies. Sherbrooke’s Life Sciences ecosystem—University Pole, research centres, Espace LABz (multi-tenant scientific building offering lab and office spaces), Espace TI, incubators and accelerators, and innovative businesses—is well positioned as a world-class hub. According to a 2018 CFIB report, Sherbrooke is the 2nd best place in Canada to start a business. We have five investment funds which provide a continuum of capital to innovative businesses of our key sectors, from seed funding to growth capital. We offer a range of turnkey implementation services and an interesting soft-landing program for establishing a business in Sherbrooke, your gateway to the North American market.

Martine Courtemanche
Director, Business Services – Life Sciences and Micro-Nanotechnologies
+1 819 821-5577 ext. 131