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April 13 marked the official entry into force of the biosimilar switching policy announced by the Quebec government. The transition period that lasted for several months, as well as the support provided for by health professionals and clinicians have enabled patients to switch from their reference biologic drugs to biosimilar versions.

Biosimilar drugs are now an integral part of the patient care continuum and this fast-growing sector benefits patients in Quebec and across the country. Discover more about biosimilars and their increasing importance in the Quebec drug industry.

Ensuring Bioequivalence

Biosimilars’ entry on the market aims to make available to patients drugs that are similar to their reference biologic versions, at a lower cost. To this day across the country, more than 45 biosimilars have been approved by Health Canada for marketing.

Before being marketed, these drugs must first undergo an extensive approval process by Health Canada designed to ensure the same quality, efficacy and safety as their brand name version.

Major Benefits

Biosimilar drugs make it possible to treat many rare diseases while costing a fraction of the price of the brand-name version. This generates substantial savings for the industry, making patient care affordable and ensuring the sustainability of our healthcare system.

The first year of transition in Quebec generated $140 million in savings for the Quebec public system, savings that could be reinvested in research and development of innovative treatments.

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