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Immune Biosolutions is an innovative biotechnology company that uses the latest technology to produce, engineer, and customize high-quality antibodies to develop diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

The company produces antibodies from chicken eggs. This innovative idea facilitates the high-quality production of these large molecules, which are often used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

After completing his doctorate at the Université de Sherbrooke, Fréderic Leduc co-founded the company along with Jean-François Larrivée and Simon Gaudreau. Throughout his career, Frédéric had often been disappointed by the quality of antibodies, so he decided to contribute to improving research by launching his own company. Over time, Immune Biosolutions has collaborated with several pharmaceutical companies, in addition to creating its own antibody development platform. This Sherbrooke-based company is now developing  its own antibodies to be used in the treatment of cancer and gastrointestinal diseases.

Immune Biosolutions is supported by a highly-skilled scientific advisory committee and a management committee comprised of industry experts. It has received several entrepreneurship awards as well as $250,000 in financial assistance from the Government of Canada (for more information).