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Over the past two years, the COVID-19 crisis has shone a spotlight on the life sciences, and on pharmaceuticals in particular. This flourishing industry reminds us of the importance of research and innovation and their global impact.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most strategic sectors in our province and contributes directly to our growth and our prosperity. Let’s take advantage of the collective awareness of the important role of the pharmaceutic industry in innovation and economic development and seize the opportunities now!

R&D in Quebec is facilitated by a large number of biotechnology and artificial intelligence companies, several universities that train a specialized workforce, recognized research centres, and a public health system that generates a large amount of data. All of this helps create a variety of partnerships that enhance the therapeutic expertise of health professionals, which has been demonstrated since the beginning of the pandemic.

In this context, it is essential to ensure that the industry has all the resources it needs to continue to be a growth vector for Québec and Greater Montréal. The regulatory framework must reflect the reality of the sector by being flexible and conducive to R&D. We must also continue to attract investment and major players by leveraging the strengths of the local ecosystem, while positioning Montréal as a key hub in the pharmaceutical field.

During this strategic forum, we will bring together stakeholders from the life sciences and health technologies sectors to take stock of the situation and to look at the following three themes:

  1. Seize innovation opportunities created by the pandemic
  2. Identify the growth levers for the life sciences sector in Greater Montréal
  3. Make Montréal an international life sciences hub

We’re counting on you to be there, so register now!