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Come and listen to sector experts and discuss the priority actions to be implemented as part of the Relaunch MTL movement.

The COVID-19 crisis has put the spotlight on Life Sciences and Health Technology (LSHT). The search for a new vaccine is, of course, a high priority and is attracting a great deal of interest from industry players. New needs have also led players in other fields to redirect their production to meet demand. Although the LSHT sector continues to make progress, it is still faced with ever-present issues and challenges. Sector access to financing is more important than ever to foster the emergence of innovative solutions, the development of new technologies and access to public markets. Furthermore, certain sub-sectors are facing labour issues. In addition to these issues, the pandemic has highlighted the need to speed up the integration of innovations to enable remote health care and to achieve greater autonomy of national supply for certain products deemed critical.

The speeches will be delivered mainly in French.

Registration deadline: November 13, 2020