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Transforming the pharma business for growth

As they move past the immediate challenge of contributing solutions to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical and biotech companies will face a changed world, but one in which their well-honed focus on innovation will play a vital role. Despite the many devastating impacts, the crisis represents an opportunity to innovate at a quicker pace, refine growth strategies and build new partnerships. Areas of focus considered increasingly important prior to the crisis, to include the faster uptake of technology to transform R&D, the need to strengthen the ecosystem for innovation and adopting a strategic approach to manufacturing and supply chains will assume an even more prominent role. Entitled ‘Transforming the Pharma Business for Growth’, the conference will feature an outstanding line-up of speakers sharing their insights, ideas and expertise on topics to include the increasingly complex and uncertain political and pricing environment, re-shaping the pharma pipeline for growth and the coronavirus epidemic as a 21st century case study of pharma and health.