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Are you ready for the sustainability challenge ahead?

******SmartNations Foundation (SNF) Introductory meeting in Hall 3, 3.10pm, November 12th – see below & agenda****** Sustainability has never been higher on boardroom agendas ….. Digital infrastructure’s (DI’s) role in the modern economy cannot be overstated. The last 25 years has seen us become increasing dependent on being able to access technology. DI has become the fifth utility, where we have uninterrupted access to data in the same way we enjoy access to electricity and water. The data running through its network and living on its servers in data centers has and continues to grow exponentially. The lifeblood of information from big data, IoT, analytics, and artificial intelligence across all market and industry sectors courses through the veins of the internet. This whole separate digital utility has sprung up to support the new ever-expanding digital economy. Significant advances in engineering, power generation delivery, cooling systems and connectivity relied upon to keep these systems running continuously, have brought us to the point where data centers already consume roughly 450 TW of electricity globally. With this forecast to double in less than 5 years – with the total amount of data consumed on a similar if not faster track – understanding how to deliver the required digital infrastructure from the edge of the network through to the large-scale data center campus is no small task. All this has to be achieved against the backdrop of the climate change crisis. Covering land, building, power, and connectivity, Digital Infra Montréal focuses on building the next generation of energy, data center & network infrastructures to designs that keep climate change front of mind. The Digital Infra event series has been developed to bring together best practice and experience from core infrastructure disciplines to enable industry to develop future-proof utility-grade digital infrastructure capable of dealing with the ongoing data tsunami.