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AI for Health’s mission is to bring together the ecosystems of Artificial Intelligence and Health to support the ambition of the national strategy for Artificial Intelligence in Health. It is essential to invest and mobilize now, in order to fully seize the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence offers to revolutionize the health sector.” These future opportunities are clear: to increase access to care, quality of life and healthy life expectancy for the world’s population. This will only be possible if the world of health opens up to other ecosystems that share this ambition for unprecedented progress”. European AI for Health’s commitment is therefore based on the conviction that AI is one of the foundations that can provide long-term sustainable solutions to these objectives. It is a matter of answering the following question: what can Artificial Intelligence do to improve our health? To answer this question, many topics will be covered, including precision medicine, oncology, medical imaging, genomics, diabetes treatment, path optimization, chronic diseases, as well as ethics and patient data.